Jones Creek
Adventist Academy
Ms. Grange's Class, Pre-K through 2nd
Welcome to our Class!!  We are planning a lot of fun things this school year and I look forward to meeting each one of you every morning. Please make sure you bring your bookbag back and forth each day because it will contain some very important items for both home and school each day. All school supplies will be supplied by the school, you just need to supply an appropriate bookbag for a Christian setting.

Here are some specific things I am asking that all parents make sure that your child has for each day:

Welcome to our PreSchool class!  
1.   nap mat (available at WalMart for a very reasonable price).
2.   pillow
3.   blanket
4.   change of clothes in a gallon size ziplock bag
5.   bookbag 
These items will be left at school during the week and sent home on Fridays to be washed and sent back on Mondays. 

Welcome to our class for grades Kindergarten -2nd! 
1.  bookbag
2.  change of clothing for kindergarten if still having accidents in a ziplock bag (to be left at school)

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